Derek, a member of the audience, recently died in the theatre lobby. Johnny died in 1948 during the building’s construction. Johnny wants Derek gone but Derek knows his daughter, a would-be actress, has been coming to this theatre to visit his memory. Fran and Mary, a pair of free-spirited young souls who passed away in 1971; “help” as these four spirits vie for the position of resident Theatre Ghost. There can only be one.


Elaine arrives late for work, undermining an important presentation, and gets fired in the process, regardless of her reasoning: she found a head in the street (a human head). But she may also have lied one too many times in the past for the truth to be able set her free. And after all, what is free? And what is the truth? Severance Play is a black comedy about office politics, romance, sales, lies, sex and maybe a little murder.


A troupe of players have set stage and gathered a crowd to present their unique look at Shakespeare’s ‘Scottish play’, told this time from the viewpoint of the witches, yet without the use of supernatural forces. Revealing new twists and turns, and using a contemporary storytelling style, Three Witches explores the eternal questions, “How far will we go for love? How do we define it, seek it out, secure it and protect it; and finally, what we will sacrifice for it?” told from the vantage of those who fate never smiled upon.


June is a young, newly married, psychologist treating an unusual patient (Teddy) who claims he is unable to linearly integrate his soul with his body. While his body ages regularly day to day, like the rest of us, Teddy’s conscience is not tethered to the same timetable. He may live a day at the age of twelve and then another at 42, “jumping” between the moments of his own life until the last moment at the end of July 2012, a date looming closer; in order to save his life he must learn to correct course before it’s too late.


Susan, a corporate Real Estate agent, walks Wallis, a potential buyer, through a theatre, which the building’s owner has decided to put on the market. Doborah, the resident Artistic Director, crashes the meeting in order to barker her own deal.

Wallis, may have ties with criminal enterprise; Doborah takes the risk that their two businesses may be able to help each other; Susan needs the deal to go through in order to help out her pregnant daughter; but Wallis has demands of her own.


Alice & Lisa are a young married couple, ready to take the plunge into motherhood. And that deserves a celebration gathering their closest friends and … and their mothers (Donna and Beth) may feel uncomfortable so … Alice & Lisa decide to hold two parties. This one will be just the four of them. 20th-century Mothers, 21st-century daughters, and Wine … what could possibly go wrong?


Staci struggles for self-expression in what seems to begin as a sexual tryst, but turns into an exploration of our love affair with everything vampire, seduction and other things that go bump in the night. Brian, her boyfriend/roommate wants balance, but the voices in Staci’s head (a pair of would be vampires) long for more.


Sheila, Max and “Pat”, three transients in their twenties, steal shelter for the night in a theatre. Childish games give way to adult decisions as the night moves on into morning.


4 women have closed their open AA meeting today to confront Helen, the woman who has slept with all their husbands . . . well, almost all. Enter the newcomer, looking for her first meeting, and you have the mix for an AA meeting / Intervention gone wrong.


Kim is an emotional runaway who can only find security in a re-creation of her earliest remembered pain. Steven is her safety net and Jeff her forbidden fruit.
Variety writes “Crimson has been referred to as a step beyond ‘Looking For Mr. Goodbar’. Sadomasochism has formed an intricate lacework trim on the edges of the cloth of human sexuality since the beginning of time and Crimson digs deeper into the existence of the aberration in our daily lives without the use of graphic or lurid scenes but the relying on the tension that drives us to our extremes in this way the play stays uniquely innovative in its approach to the themes of control, violence sex, striving for more and settling for less–pushing the boundaries by denying them.”